First Mortgages

Along with Invis we have access to Canada’s leading institutional mortgage lenders. This network of lenders allows us to shop Canada’s mortgage Market for you and obtain the lowest mortgage rate possible.

Our lenders include TD Canada Trust, Scotia Bank, Bank of Montreal, HSBC, First National, MCAP Mortgage, Firstline Trust, Maple Trust and other leading lenders.

2nd and 3rd Mortgages

Private 2nd and 3rd mortgages are one of our specialties. We have personal approval limits for private mortgages available for various uses such as debt consolidations, refinances, and renovations etc.

First, Second and Third mortgages can be used for many different purposes:

Residential and commercial mortgages
Land, sub-division and development properties
Interim second mortgages for home purchases.
Mezzanine financing for developers
Interim second mortgages for home construction
CMHC/GE Capital insured high ratio second mortgages
Apartment building purchases, commercial mortgages
Poor credit applications
Self employed mortgages
Deficient income mortgages
Interest Mortgages